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District heating

District heating of BBSoft® enables the user to plan district heating networks and to maintain and display these in a database. For the user an extensive node- and fitting library is available.

Further features:

  • automatic generation of nodes and conduits from 2D-/3D-polylines
  • welded joints and expansion cushions can be created
  • initial and end station of flow and return of expansion cushions don't have to be identical
  • nodes will be inserted automatically in an existing conduit with adjustment and height interpolation
  • for recurring oparations you can compile individual samples
  • a cutting presentation with crossing conduits is possible (over the entire district heating section)
  • parallel branches are graphically considered
  • in the location plan the falling gradient can be interpolated between the nodes
  • in the longitudinal section additional nodes can be inserted to the section
  • flow and return and trench widths can be represented graphically in the location plan
  • turning points are represented with user-specific symbols
  • district heating conduits can be deployed in the loacation plan
  • information according to location and adjustment of the district heating elements is contained in the database
  • connection points of district heating nodes can be interchanged (the direction of nodes can be changed so)

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-LGGR, BB-LH

  • kanal-und-wassernetze_fernwaerme_01

    location plan

  • kanal-und-wassernetze_fernwaerme_02

    parallel branch

  • kanal-und-wassernetze_fernwaerme_03

    longitudinal section

  • kanal-und-wassernetze_fernwaerme_04

    node- and fitting library