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road pavement construction

The different layers and borders for the road pavement construction can easily be compiled and edited in a clearly arranged dialog. Three different possibilities are available for the user for the creation of profile structures.

The fastest and easiest alternative represents the application of already drawn standard profiles or of those who are assumed from external programs. The software uses the existing polylines in the CAD and assigns these to the profile of the list, in doing so a maximum of flexibility in profiling is scored. Redefinition and complicated adoption is not necessary. For further adaptations the profiles can be drawn in the CAD, processed and transferred again.

Another option is the input of the thickness of layers of the single materials. The listed layers can be viewed and edited separately. Every selected layer is highlighted and updated automatically in the preview. Adaptations can be checked immediately.

Additionally there is, for the classified road construction, the possibility for the definition of a trace according to RStO 12. The software determines, based on the different parameters, the load class and adjusts the thickness of layers automatically. The adjustments and results of the calculation of the load classes can be transferred for the evidence in a separat print. Beside the profiles, the dialog offers the possibility to define materials with different color- and hatch pattern styles. In addition an accounting number can be given to every material, which is used for the detection of masses of cross profiles. This number forms the base for the civil engineering software BBSoft®- calculation of quantities.

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VSTR

  • strassenplanung_fahrbahnaufbau_01

    cross profile composition editor

  • strassenplanung_fahrbahnaufbau_02

    superstructure according to RStO 2001

  • strassenplanung_fahrbahnaufbau_03

    road pavement construction for a plotted CAD-profile

  • strassenplanung_fahrbahnaufbau_04

    superstructure according to RStO 2012