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road pavement construction

With BBSoft® it is possible to compile and edit the different layers and borders for the road pavement construction easily in a clearly arranged dialog.

Further features::

  • already drawn standard profiles or those who are adopted from external programs can be used
  • road pavement constructions can be defined via existing CAD-polylines or via the thickness of layer of the single materials
  • for classified road construction the profile structure can be determined standard-compliant according to RStO12 or RVS and the corresponding load class can be calculated
  • every selected layer will be highlighted in color and updated in the preview automatically
  • an accounting number can be allocated to every material, so that these can be used for the determination of masses from cross-profiles
  • the results of the calculation of load classes can be handed over in a separate printout as verification

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VSTR

  • Fahrbahnaufbau

    cross profile composition editor

  • Fahrbahnaufbau

    superstructure according to RVS

  • Fahrbahnaufbau

    road pavement construction for a plotted CAD-profile

  • Fahrbahnaufbau

    superstructure according to RStO 2012