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Swept path

By passing through a bend the front wheels of a vehicle are directed on a guideline, which is given by the steering angle. The back wheels on the other hand move, as a function of the dimesions of the vehicle, on a subsequent swept path inside of the turn. BBSoft® offers a comprehensible solution for testing the trafficability of traffic areas or gasoline stations.

The swept path can be determined over a quick construction or along an existing polygon from the CAD (e.g. borders). In addition, the calculation considers already constructed objects of the road construction software (alignment and borders). At any time the swept path can be adjusted in the location plan in an interactive way to local conditions and the change between different vehicles occurs by pushing a button. Different dimesioning vehicles are available for the user. It is possible for you to archive and define own vehicle types in a comfortable vehicle editor. Diverse presentation options allow for an individual configuration of the vehicles and of the surface fillings. The software considers safety distances just as different reference points, so that the calculation hasn't to occur over the alignment master point. The guideline has to consist of at least three bases, the software calculates the arches automatically.

The user can choose between four different ways of driving:

  • Way of driving along a constraining line: The vehicle is dragged along upon the polygon, without considering the minimal radius of the turning circle and without balancing the polygon also.
  • Way of driving 1 (according to FGSV): The steering angle is carried out during the driving. The transition points from the line into the circular arc occur tangentially, so that no buckles will develop on them.
  • Way of driving 2 (according to FGSV): The driver turns in with an almost standing vehicle and initiates then. This way of driving, with a maximal change of the steer angle during standing, is simulated with the assumption of an abrupt transition between line and circular arc.
  • Way of driving during parking processes: By this way of driving the driver turns in the front wheels while almost standing and drives therefore directly from a line in a circular arc with a constantly held steering angle.

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VSTR, BB-VKNT

  • strassenplanung_schleppkurve_01

    Swept path: articulated lorry

  • strassenplanung_schleppkurve_02

    Swept path: road train

  • strassenplanung_schleppkurve_03

    Swept path: refuse collection vehicle

  • strassenplanung_schleppkurve_04

    Swept path: articulated lorry