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Yes, i would like to test BBSoft 30 days for free and without obligation

Do you want to test our software for free and without obligation?
No problem: use our trial version without restrictions for 30 days.

For a limited period of time trainees and students receive a full version, by presenting a valid training certificate/certification of matriculation.

Step-by-step manual

1.) Check system requirements

You find the current system requirements here.

2.) Check compatibility

Here you will find the CAD-systems, which were currently supported.

3.) Read out serial number of CAD

  • Download ⧉ BBSoft_CADSeriennummer.lsp
  • Open your CAD-software on the target-PC and put the file via drag and drop into an empty drawing
  • The serial number of the CAD will be shown in the CAD command line and will be copied additionally to clipboard

4.) Read out machine ID

5.) Request your free trial version

Please fill in the following request form completely.
After the successful data transfer you will receive an email with a download link and your license key.

Important: Inquiries are processed from Monday to Friday during our office hours.

request form

I'm interested in ...

   surveying    3D-earthworks / DTM
   road construction    swept path
   sewer planning    sewer evaluation
   calculation of quantities    water supply
   GIS    cadastre ALKIS / NAS