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Sewer redevelopment

The planner or the sewer system operator creates with BBSoft® a redevelopment concept, based upon the results of the damage classification and damage evaluation (number of redevelopment requirements, priority list), according to DWA or ISYBAU, under consideration of the aspects leak proofness, stability, operating safety, area-wide basic conditions, traffic situation/type of road, duration of building measures, production costs, a possible extension of the operating life, profitability etc.

Further features:

  • the output of the redevelopment cost estimation in LibreOffice Calc and Writer is possible
  • a statistic of redevelopment arrangements can be created
  • clear plans with a punctate or linear presentation of the redevelopment arrangements can be produced
  • after (partial)redevelopments material and/or diameter-changes within a reach can be inscribed (without insertion of a fictive manhole)
  • redevelopment arrangements and leak proofness inspections can be saved in the database of BBSoft® and can be exported via ISYBAU 06/XML
  • redevelopment arrangements can be created automatically too with the aid of an adjustable list of criteria

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-LGGR, BB-LKAN, BB-LAS

  • Kanalsanierung

    data of redevelopment arrangement for reach

  • Kanalsanierung

    presentation of type of redevelopment

  • Kanalsanierung

    presentation of redevelopment arrangements

  • Kanalsanierung

    output of redevelopment statistics