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Measuring points

The measuring point menu of BBSoft® makes it possible for you, to import and to export measuring point files very easily. The compilation of new measuring points is possible too, like the editing, the deletion or the searching for them. You can compile measuring points of all CAD-objects (CAD-points, block references, texts, arrows and polylines) automated.

Further features:

  • It is possible to assign every measuring point a symbol via the point code. You can also create individual symbols
  • Measuring points can be connected to polylines dialog-controlled
  • Miscellaneous measuring point files can be transferred in the specific BBSoft®-format (INP-file) with the help of a conversion table (IOC-editor)
  • Measuring point recordings can be checked optionally for plausibility: equivalent points (with equal coordinates with tolerance specification, point number or point code) can be deleted or edited
  • Measuring point heights can be released in relation to a base height
  • The positions of the attributes can be shifted automatically or by hand: the affiliation to the point symbol doesn't get lost
  • All settings can be saved in one sample, thereby all measuring points can be presented uniformly in an office
  • A legend with a symbol and his description can be created with one click in the drawing
  • You can transfer Gauß-Krüger coordinates into ETRS coordinates.

required modules: BB-VGR

  • vermessung_messpunkte_01

    measuring point

  • vermessung_messpunkte_02

    measuring point with additional attributes

  • vermessung_messpunkte_03

    3D-presentation of a tree

  • vermessung_messpunkte_04

    distance reference height