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Water network calculation

The calculation module of BBSoft® makes it possible to calculate a pressure pipe system according to Hardy-Cross with different options and commands. Extraction quantities at nodes and conduits must be defined by the user, also one or several water reservoirs.

Further features:

  • inspection via water-flow path (backtracking), if the complete water network is closed
  • the pressure loss of water conduits can be calculated (based on the defined extraction quantity and the flow)
  • under consideration of different calculation cases (loading/fire conditions) the pressure loss for single conduit sections can be determined
  • valves (opened und closed) will be integrated during calculation
  • fittings, that go beyond or rather below the predefined minimum and maximum pressure, are highlighted
  • meshes, conduits, nodes and fittings will be listed in the calculation protocol
  • automatic inscription in the location plan of: incoming and outgoing water quantity, extraction quantity and pressure head loss at nodes and conduits

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-LGGR, BB-LWAS, BB-LWSB

  • Wassernetzberechnung

    meshed water network

  • Wassernetzberechnung

    water network calculation according to Hardy-Cross

  • Wassernetzberechnung

    water calculation case

  • Wassernetzberechnung

    result water network calculation