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Water network calculation

With the water network calculation the user receives a separate civil engineering solution with several tools for the calculation of a pressure pipe system (according to Hardy-Cross). The different applications are directly explicated in the CAD-drawing and the results are automatically written down to the database. Whether the whole water network is closed can be checked with the water-flow path. All conduit sections in the net will be marked, which can deliver water to a specific pipe.

The program calculates extraction quantities and determines, based on the extraction quantity and on the flow, the pressure loss for water conduits.

The user has to apply one or more water reservoirs for the water network calculation. The coefficients of roughness and the extraction quantities have to be defined at nodes and conduits. The program determines the pressure loss for single conduit sections under consideration of different calculation cases (loading/fire conditions). Opened and closed valves are included in the calculation, therefore different zones of a net can be calculated. In the calculation protocol, besides the meshes and conduits, intersections and fittings are registered. Fittings, that go beyond or rather below the predefined minimum and maximum pressure, are highlighted. In the location plan the incoming and the outgoing water quantity, the extraction quantity and the pressure head loss at nodes and conduits is automatically inscribed.

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-LGGR, BB-LWAS, BB-LWSB

  • kanal-und-wassernetze_wassernetzberechnung_01

    meshed water network

  • kanal-und-wassernetze_wassernetzberechnung_02

    water network calculation according to Hardy-Cross

  • kanal-und-wassernetze_wassernetzberechnung_03

    water calculation case

  • kanal-und-wassernetze_wassernetzberechnung_04

    result water network calculation