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Data exchange

The data exchange is needed in order to pass on technical data to e.g. an engineering office or to a commune. BBSoft® offers the possibility to export technical data in an ASCII-, HTML-, LibreOffice Calc, Writer- or simple in a txt.-format.

Further features:

  • A direct access with Microsoft® Access® and with ODBC-capable programs is possible
  • Nearly all existing technical data information can directly be exported out of the database, also as Shape-files (points, lines and surfaces)
  • It is possible to specify precisely by a editor, which technical data should be exported out of the database (areas could be renamed or deleted completely)
  • An attribute-statistic can be compiled directly from the database: the number of the objects as well as their type of use are registered there
  • The output of an additional location plan is optionally available.

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-LGGR, BB-GEGR