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Relief geometry

You will get an precise overview above the state of your DTM with the help of the different presentation options of the relief geometry (segment of the DTM-analysis).

Further features:

  • regional high- and low points, e.g. hills and valleys, will be marked with symbols (blocks) in the terrain model
  • depression contours (e.g. valleys) and ridges (e.g. mountains) will be clearly sketched in the DTM and highlighted in color
  • single plateaus (regional lowlands) will be marked too
  • the output of vertical- and horizontal curvatures is possible as hatch pattern, as pixel image or as 3D-surface
  • convex and concave curvatures and linear surfaces can be coated with hatch patterns and can be highlighted in this way

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VDGM, BB-VHLN

  • Reliefgeometrie

    settings of relief geometry

  • Reliefgeometrie

    high- and low points, depression contours and ridges

  • Reliefgeometrie

    horizontal curvatures

  • Reliefgeometrie

    vertical curvatures