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quantity survey

The quantity survey calculates the volume between two 3D-terrain models, e.g. stock and intended terrain. Referring to the prism-method REB the calculation of the masses is made. The mass difference is indicated in cubic metres and is sub-divided into filling- and cutting surfaces. The cutting of a defined humus layer is considered optionally. The single, with each other compared, surfaces receive numbers and are decribed in a calculation report with corner points and their appropriate heights. A cost estimation is executed in the protocol through the input of the cubic metre prices for filling, cutting and humus cutting.

The software makes mass balancing available, in case, that the quantity survey does not fulfill the given masses. Here you have the possibility to shift your layer of comparison in vertical direction and to adapt your filling- or rather cutting surfaces. Different possibilities are offered to you for the graphical configuration of the result in the location plan in order to mark the earth movement in the filled or rather excavated areas.

The following presentation methods are available for the location plan:

  • output of the prism numbers
  • output of filling and cutting with '+' and '-'
  • output of filling and cutting with surface hatch patterns
  • presentation of Delta contours

The calculation of masses is solved comfortable and quickly with the help of our civil engineering solution, with misshapen building pits, quarriers or waters also. By using our software in the area of river engineering shorelines as well as water depths of flood plaines can be determined and represented comfortable. Even the quantity survey between thousands of surfaces occurs very fast and is completely reviewable.

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VDGM, BB-VMAS

  • vermessung_massenermittlung_01

    protocol output

  • vermessung_massenermittlung_02

    cost estimation

  • vermessung_massenermittlung_03

    delta contours

  • vermessung_massenermittlung_04