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Standard for map symbols

The civil engineering software BBSoft®-map symbols contains an easy handling of land use- and urban plans under consideration of the standard for map symbols 1990. After an appropriate selection the surfaces are automatically shaded or represented as a colored surface and armed with the necessary symbol. Through simple selection a change in another scale is possible and the symbols are adjusted also. An editor, which is easy to handle, manages the surfaces by groups, sums up the numbers and subareas and makes a quick transformation of a surface to another map symbol possible. Check routines and optical warnings prevent the accidentally creation of double surfaces or the transformation of already dedicated signatures. The selected surfaces are calculated and statistics of the surfaces are represented. These are in turn automatically induced by the program, after the appropriate command. New drawing subjects are filed on separate layers. Across modules a legend function induces a detailed legend in the model- or layoutarea. Alternatively annotation texts of your own can be integrated. Map symbols are complemented through hedge- and wall signatures, which can be individually adjusted in width and hatch pattern. Of course applying of own elements and signatures, for further plan design, is possible too.

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VPLV

  • vermessung_planzeichen

    map symbol/signatures: detail 1

  • vermessung_planzeichen_02

    map symbol/signatures: detail 2

  • vermessung_planzeichen_03

    map symbol/signatures: legend

  • vermessung_planzeichen_04

    map symbol/signatures: statistic