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Surveying comprises the inclusion of all important parts in civil engineering and serves here as a basis for entering, organization, administration and visualization of geospatial data.

Measuring data is recorded and documented tacheometrically, photogrammetically, by the positioning of satellites or by laser scanning. It consists of measering points with location- and latitude information and it is possible to describe the measuring data with additional attributes.

Our civil-engineering solution makes it possible for you to represent the measuring data directly in CAD in 2D or 3D. BBSoft® includes importing and processing of measuring data as well as fundamental survey-technical calculations. The administration of all geodata occurs in our own GIS-solution (CivilDesign®) and offers all common interfaces like p.ex. Shape, XML, KML, ISYBAU and DWA.

From the beginning you are able to build up your plans with measuring data with the help of BBSoft® in CAD and you are able to administrate these in our GIS-solution. Intelligent objects can be built out of simple measuring points, which can be uniformally be worked on and can be graphically distinguished. Our Software uses the CAD-basis, in order to not change the usual working, but to expand it with specialized knowledge. The import rather the export of DXF™/DWG™ and the REB-conform interfaces belong naturally to it.