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Surveying comprises the inclusion of important parts in civil engineering and serves here as a basis for entering, organization, administration and visualization of geospatial data.

Further features:

  • record and document measuring data tacheometrically, photogrammetically, by the positioning of satellites or by laser scanning
  • measuring data (with location and altitude information) can be displayed directly in the CAD in 2D or 3D
  • importing and processing of measuring data
  • geodata is administered in an own GIS-solution (CivilDesign®)
  • common interfaces, like e.g. Shape, XML, KML, ISYBAU and DWA are supported
  • consistent editing and graphical differentiation of measuring points
  • im-/export of DXF™/DWG™ and REB-conform interfaces are contained

  • Vermessung

    measuring point transformation

  • Vermessung

    insert ortho image

  • Vermessung

    measuring point presentation

  • Vermessung

    create solid