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Street furniture

Different arrangements can be taken for manipulating the behaviour of the road users. They are linked with the term 'street furniture'. These include amongst others traffic signs, marking, sign-posting, signalization and illumination.

Road markings and the sign-posting are geared to the alignment and the roadside. On the basis of the already constructed route you can apply longitudinal-and lateral markings, restricted zones, parking lots and sign-postings. All available road markings are updated by changes of the course of the route. All markings are based upon the principles of PlanzV90, RAS, StVO, SNV and Önorm.

With the block manager of BBSoft® traffic signs and the street lighting can be integrated quickly and precisely in the location plan. The traffic sign library contains the latest tarffic signs according to the StVO and it will be steadily complemented and revised for innovations/changes. Therefore for you there is the possibility to compile appealing and high quality marking- and traffic sign plans for presentations.

In addition it is possible to transfer traffic signs and street lightings to a database. This option provides the possibility (especially for communes) to compile and to administer traffic sign- and street lighting cadastres.

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VSTR

  • strassenplanung_strassendesign_01

    road signposts

  • strassenplanung_strassendesign_02

    roundabout signposts

  • strassenplanung_strassendesign_03

    road signposts for a T-junction

  • strassenplanung_strassendesign_04

    pedestrian crossing

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