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Road planning

BBSoft® is an interactive tool for the street-and site development planning. The civil engineering software meets the current requirements for road construction, especially for site development, for redevelopment and for the planning of intersections and roundabouts.

Further features:

  • valid route design guidelines of Germany, Austria and Switzerland were considered
  • raod markings can be created with different marking types
  • road signpost plans and a street lighting cadastre can be easily produced with the aid of a block manager and if required can be transferred into a database
  • changes and adjustments at the route will be updated automatically in the location plan, the longitudinal section and the cross-profile
  • extensive functions for street furniture are available

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VSTR

  • Strassenplanung

    roundabout 2D

  • Strassenplanung

    roundabout 3D-solid

  • Strassenplanung

    contour map

  • Strassenplanung

    route as colored presentation