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Road planning

BBSoft® is an interactive tool for street-and site development planning. The civil engineering software meets the current requirements for road constructions, especially for site development, for rehabilitation and the planning of intersections and roundabouts. In addition the program considers the effective route design guidelines of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The user can concentrate on planning tasks through the graphical support and meaningful automation of routine works. Changes and adaptations upon the route are automatically updated in the location plan, the longitudinal section and the cross-profile. For the planning in the stock, the program adopts roadsides, considers constraining heights and determines the vertical alignment, based on the terrain model.

The program contains, besides the classical applications, extensive functions for street furnitures. Existing axes and the associated traces are the basis for the generation of road markings. It can be switched between the diverse kinds of markings. With the block manager you can compile quickly and precisely traffic sign plans and a street lighting cadastre. Those can be directly transferred to a database, where they can be edited and managed. The software can be configured modularly for diverse project requirements. Therefore the entire program can be tailored to your individually needs.

The road-planning software contains all current functions like the planning of alignment, longitudinal- and cross section, mass calculation, pavement design specification and surface drainage.

The optimization-module complements the software in the area of editing of alignment and contains the examination of the alignment according to RAS-L.

There are additional functions available with the intersection planning like turning lanes, road dividers, traffic islands, jughandles, swept pathes and fields of view.

All planning data can be transferred with the OKSTRA-interface as a generally admitted data format.