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Route optimization

The route optimization contains checking and modification functions. It complements the existing applications with interactive commands for alignment editing and for the automated check routine of the alignment, of the vertical alignment and of the traces. During the alignment editing single elements, like lines, clothoids and arches, can be shifted tangentially and can be adjusted. The editing occurs in the location plan. Additionally the software can automatically round out tangents with a predefined radius and spares multiple editing. The changing of an alignment in the CAD as well as the removing and the integration of alignment elements raise the degree of efectiveness of the road planning enormously.

The examination of a planned alignment, according to RAS-L, VSS and ÖNorm, is another function. The program checks the position and the height of the elements based on the category of the road and based on the speed of the design. The result is written down in a clearly arranged protocol and points to minimal-and maximal values in the construction, which should be observed.

The keep of minimum longitudinal gradients and of minimum slopes is, from the sight of the drainage-technology, a basis component in the planning. The software considers free definable falling gradient values of the vertical alignment and of the traces during the checking of the route and illustrates areas, with inclinations that went below or went beyond, graphically different. The program automatically updates the marked areas, after the editing of the longitudinal gradients and of the slopes.

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VDGM, BB-VSTR, BB-VKNT, BB-VSOP