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Service contracts

You can at all times conclude a service contract for our civil engineering software BBSoft®. The contract fee is not calculated all-inclusive, but is paid annually in advance according to the extent of the used software. This has not only the advantage of a quick and unproblematic planning of your IT-budget, it enables you to consider the contract fees during the proposal preparation and the billing of projects. You can only conclude the service contract for a specific time period, for several years or unlimited with an annual option for cancellation or extension.

You have multiple advantages by the service contract:

  • a hotline free of charge (from Monday to Friday)
  • a software version annually new, with extensive documentation of all innovations
  • simplified intermediate update or rather an automatic online update of the program
  • an annual, free of charge participation at our update-workshops in Germany or Switzerland
  • an exclusive access to our download area and
  • an active participation of the software.