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Map frame

A map frame of BBSoft® creates a frame around your drawing or only around a section of it with desired size and adjustment. As a consequence of that the compilation of maps is speeded up, because the map frame manages all map formats and layouts centrally.

Further features:

  • Selection of various north arrows and title blocks
  • The creation of an individual title block (with the respective company logo) is without any problems possible for a consistent layout
  • The title block can be positioned arbitrarily and can be designed in the presentation, the text content and the size
  • The format of the map can be adjusted on usual or on free definable formats
  • All texts along the edge can be adjusted in position and presentation, inclusive the folding mark
  • Maps with different output scales can be combinded with each other
  • A second viewport can be displayed additionally, also with a different scale
  • Settings can be saved in one sample in order to fall back upon or to use it for other projects at a later date
  • Map frames can be arranged automatically along a defined alignment, inclusive the consideration of the overlaps (map frame group)
  • The scale of the plot measurement can be defined precisely and can be adjusted to the paper format
  • It is possible to mark the presentation area in the model area in order to see exactly which part is displayed in the map frame
  • Coordinate inscriptions at the edge of a section can be configured according to appearance and height of texts
  • Optional possibility for the creation/insertion of grid squares
  • A modification of the map is possible in position and presentation.

required modules: BB-VGR

  • vermessung_planrahmen_01

    standard map frame

  • vermessung_planrahmen_02

    grid squares

  • vermessung_planrahmen_03

    vertical viewport

  • vermessung_planrahmen_04

    coordinates inscription