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Alignment construction

For the user two methods are available for the planning and calculation of alignments. Lines, arches and circles, which are drawn at the desired position (e.g. over measuring points (constraining points), find a use for the construction. The adoption of alignment elements out of other CAD-systems (*.dxf-format) is without any problems possible. These elements are added by a mouse-click. If the tangents are defined, transition and buffer elements can be construed. For the user a large number of construction possibilites with diverse calculation results are available. During the construction, the parameters can be at all times changed, like e.g. dimension of the radii, lenghts of the tangents and the clothoids. The automatic go over and the calculation of the changes go on in the background and offer the possibility to control adaptations immediately.

Tangents could be construed in the location plan with the automatic alignment calculation. The program calculates the predefined transition elements autonomous and integrates these tangentially. During the construction tangents can be shifted or modified in parallel and arches and clothoids can be adjusted. The belated integration of alignment elemets is possible too. The program considers constraining points, the software checks minimum- and maximum values and illustrates differences graphically.

The program puts the finished alignment on a separate layer. By request, lines, radii and transition curves are automatically inscribed. All alignment (route) information is located on separate layers too and offers the possibility to regulate the inscription individually. All location elements are centralised in a superior dialog with declaration of the coordinates, they can be controled and edited there. A great advantage of the program is the opportunity for belated integration of new location elements in the already existing alignment, by what complex and inconvenient calculations are omitted.

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VSTR

  • strassenplanung_achskonstruktion_01

    alignment editor

  • strassenplanung_achskonstruktion_02

    shifting of tangent intersection

  • strassenplanung_achskonstruktion_03

    parallel shifting of an alignment

  • strassenplanung_achskonstruktion_04

    main construction