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geo photo

The import of GeoPhotos makes it possible, to deal efficiently with stationary photos in the CAD.

Further features:

  • images with location information can be imported directly as symbol or with thumbnail into the CAD and illustrated there as well
  • photos can be imported with the geographical location of the location
  • corresponding coordinate systems for transformation into the Gauss-Krueger or UTM-system are available (for Germany, Austria and/or die Switzerland)
  • image position can be shifted in alignment direction or completely free
  • at the symbol the viewing direction of the camera is considered (a red arrow marks the viewing direction)
  • printing of protocol output with general map is possible
  • image name, date (of taking the image) and -height and the appropriate coordinates (geographical location) will be displayed
  • image preview via hyperlink to linked viewer for an enlarged view

required modules: BB-VGR

  • Geofoto

    GeoPhoto dialog

  • Geofoto

    imported GeoPhotos

  • Geofoto

    PDF-protocol with general map

  • Geofoto

    selection of coordinate system