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IFC export

Technical data and geometries (3D-solids) of sewer data can be exported via IFC out of the BBSoft®-database.

Further features:

  • export possible with IFC version 2x3 or 4
  • relevant information like e.g. names, geographical/hydraulical data and 3D-solids can be imported via IFC from shaded cadastre
  • possibility to assign 3D-solids with technical data
  • the number of technical data, which should be exported, can be defined independently
  • manholes, reaches, road gullies, special buildings can be exported
  • presentation of imported project in an IFC viewer
  • IFC export is possible too for water conduits and water nodes (valve, cross and T-piece)

Notes: only available with BricsCAD® BIM or BricsCAD® Ultimate from V20.2.04

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-LGGR, BB-VSHPKML
(additionally the subsections must be licensed, which should be exchanged, e.g. sewer or water)

  • IFC-Export

    presentation options for manhole components

  • IFC-Export

    attribute display: selection for export

  • IFC-Export

    dialogue IFC export

  • IFC-Export

    manhole with technical data after IFC export