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License request

Request for grant of a new license key

to the B&B Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

Fill out the application form completely and click [Request license].

Consequences of misrepresentation, contractual penalty commitment

It will be expressly pointed out to the applicant, that any further use of software (BBSoft®) of the B&B Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH with the previous license key after the receipt of a new one fulfills a criminal offence of fraud and can be punished with monetary penalty and custodial sentence. Not the company will be guilty of an offence, but the acting person (you as applicant of this declaration) personally.

Moreover the applicant declars (so far as he is not identical with him, in the name of and on behalf of the above listed company) for every further used license key contrary to the above misuse declaration to cease and desist to pay a contractual penalty in the height of the triple list price for a single license of the respectively software modules, which were included in the license key. The B&B Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH accepts herewith the contractual penalty commitment.

Consequences of misrepresentation, contractual penalty commitment was read and accepted.

Right of re-examination

With transmission of this request the applicant agrees, that he will support the B&B Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH at all times during the usual business hours and in an appropriate way, to verify the compliance of the misuse declaration to cease and desist. If the applicant denies appropriate acts of cooperation, so a case of misuse with the respective contractual penalty consequence is assumed.

Right of re-examination was read and accepted.

Data protection

By submitting the contact form, you agree to the processing of your data for the purpose of answering your request. Information on the processing of your data, your right of withdrawal and data protection can be found in our privacy policy.