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Contours / DTM-Analysis

With the DTM-analysis BBSoft® makes it possible for you, to obtain further information via the terrain surface with the help of a 3D-terrain model.

Further features:

  • contours (main-, middle and simple contours) make a visual analysis of the 3D-terrain model possible
  • the inscription of contours can be stored upon a separate layer and can be adjusted individually (colour, text height, inscription method)
  • contour levels can be represented in terms of colour shadings in the terrain model
  • it is possible to analyse several subareas of a DTM, without overwriting already existing subareas
  • inclinations of 3D-surfaces can be highlighted in different colours
  • the results of the DTM-analysis are BBSoft-elements and can be edited with our element commands
  • the settings of a DTM-analysis can be exported and transferred upon another DTM in another drawing
  • above all 3D-surfaces flow arrows can be created, an optional inscription with the respective inclination and with adjustment of the size of the flow arrow is possible too
  • output of a legend/statistic at a free selectable position
  • calculation and display of catchments and valleys
  • valleys can be coated with a water texture
  • valley areas can be displayed as 3D-surfaces

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VDGM, BB-VHLN

  • DGM-Analyse


  • DGM-Analyse

    contours & contour levels

  • DGM-Analyse


  • DGM-Analyse

    valley area with texture