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Contours / DTM-Analysis

For the visual analysis of the 3D-terrain model the software makes the automatic generation of contours, contour levels and colour fields possible. The interpolation of contours considers all kinds of different parameters, like the selectable equidistance (distance between the contours), the calculation method (if contours are approximated) and the free selectable level of genaralisation. The contours can be sub-divided into main-, medium- and simple contours and can be distinguished graphically also.

The inscription of the contours occurs automatically and is individually adjustable. Shall an inscription occur? If so, how? Which contours shall be inscribed? Which adjustment shall the texts adopt? Shall the contours be inscribed in intervals or only at elected positions? The configuration of the text can be adjusted according to scale. Optionally the program inscribes the inclinations of the surfaces in percent and draws an arrow in falling-gradient direction. Additionally surfaces of the 3D-terrain model can be represented in color depending on the particular inclination. A legend or a statistic can be executed for the selected visual analyses, so that the defined colour grades and colour classes are apparent in the location plan.

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VDGM, BB-VHLN

  • vermessung_hoehenlinien_01

    contours overview

  • vermessung_hoehenlinien_02

    contours detail

  • vermessung_hoehenlinien_03

    inclination arrows

  • vermessung_hoehenlinien_04

    inclination layers with legend