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Remote maintenance

Knowing whom to ask, if it gets difficult, is unaffordable. Therefore we have remote maintenance! We are able to look directly at your problem on your monitor per remote maintenance.

Our service is based on an easy software for remote maintenance. It makes it possible to see over long distances, what the other conversational partner has on his screen. Our hotline-assistant is directly aware of your problem and has the ability to help accurately through the remote maintenance. Without long explanations, without misunderstandings and straightforwardly. You are immediately able to follow to the solution process, which is expalined to you by our hotline: it can't be easier.

Tip: Remote maintenance can only be carried out after a telephonic arrangement with BBSoft®.

AnyDesk instructions:

  • click on the button below and download the required software
  • start the »BBSoft_Remote_Support.exe" with a double click, an installation is not necessary
  • since V2015: Start CivilDesign® and click on [?] - [BBSoft Remote Maintenance]
  • tell our support your ID in order to connect with your computer