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Longditudinal section of a sewer

With the logitudinal section BBSoft® provides a very efficient tool for the planning as well as for the stock. There is the possibility to present sewer harnesses and parallel water conduits together, crossing conduits can be represented unproblematically in the longitudinal section, too.

Further features:

  • Completely user configurable longitudinal section block (colors, text size and -style, number and type of information, decimal places etc.)
  • Presentation of crossing conduits: database as well as arbitrary external components
  • Presentation of crossing or adjoining points (B&B measuring points, blocks)
  • Interactive falling gradient planning under consideration of a minimal reach falling gradient as well as optionally of a maximal pipe incline, automatic generation of crashes during the exceedance of the maximal pipe incline (module planning)
  • Interactive changes with preview (dragging) of inlet- and outlet levels, manhole bottom and cover level with continuous preview of level and station (module planning)
  • Insertion of manholes in already existing reaches in the longitudinal section
  • Direct access onto the characteristics and direct editing of manholes and reaches is given in the longitudinal section (e.g. change of material, diameter, system)
  • Contemporary display of the planning- and original terrain in the longitudinal section
  • Presentation of backwater curve and energy grade line out of the hydraulic calculation
  • Presentation of up to four sections in one longitudinal section
  • Selection of equal bottom-, crown- or axial connection (planning)
  • Storing of the longitudinal sections and their presentation options in the database
  • Possibility for the colored presentation as solid hatch patterns of manhole bottom, manholes and reaches as well as the overlap, separate adjustable for every section.

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-LGGR, BB-LKAN

  • kanal-und-wassernetze_kanallaengsschnitt_01

    with crossing elements

  • kanal-und-wassernetze_kanallaengsschnitt_02

    parallel systems

  • kanal-und-wassernetze_kanallaengsschnitt_03

    with gullies

  • kanal-und-wassernetze_kanallaengsschnitt_04

    with backwater curve