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Terrain section

Longitudinal- or rather cross-sections can be generated with the terrain section of BBSoft®. These illustrate one or several surfaces as well as cutting elements. The terrain section mainly exemplifies the course of the ground along an alignment.

Further features:

  • creation of a section course: either via input of beginning-, intermediate- and end coordinates or via mouse-click
  • a line is the default for the section course: via a special command this can be rounded after creation
  • the drawing direction of section corresponds to the stationing direction of stations: with the help of a special command you can turn round the stationing
  • via element-command a shifting of the axis (togehther with the stationing) is possible
  • section-templates can be adapted individually: the layout of the section (head and positioning of texts) is adjustable
  • it is possible to insert measuring points into an already drawn/existing profile
  • the difference height to another DTM can be displayed in a separate string
  • measuring point numbers and codings can be displayed in separate strings
  • presentation of crossing 3D-solids in the longitudinal section
  • a grid with electable distance can be displayed for better orientation
  • the predefinition of not vertical and asymmetrical cross-sections is possible
  • a reference horizon can be determined as reference line, which is then valid for all profiles
  • drawing of profiles with or without superelevation
  • the subsequent editing of drawn profiles is easily possible
  • settings for every section are saved related to object
  • the stationing inscription can be provided with a background color
  • the highest and the lowest point of a DTM can be determined in the section: these emerge as crossing elements

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VDGM, BB-VSCH

  • Geländeschnitt

    location plan: course of the section

  • Geländeschnitt

    terrain level

  • Geländeschnitt

    profile with grid

  • Geländeschnitt

    profile with cutting elements