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Terrain section

Longitudinal- or rather cross-sections can be induced with a terrain section. These illustrate one or several surfaces as well as cutting elements. The terrain section exemplifies the course of the ground along an alignment.

The definition of the alignment occurs in the CAD by arbitrary and free selectable bases. An import of coordinates by hand is also possible. The alignment can be positioned arbitrarily because the single stations produce the cross-sections. In the area of arcs the station lines are located vertically to the alignment. The program allows also the predefinition of not vertical and asymmetrical cross-sections. Our civil engineering solution considers the selected presetting for the presentation of the desired longitudinal- and cross-sections.

The generated profile lines of longitudinal- and cross-sections are automatically calculated from tacheometrical recordings, digital terrain models, constructed 3D-lines or by existing contour points.

Special feature: to every measuring point or polyline (e.g. cutting or border) an extended presentation can be assigned in the section. This means, that if the course of the section cuts a water line, streets (with profile) or trees these will be sketched in correct positions. If texts follow each other very closely, the clean exemption of the inscription will be natural. The postprocessing or rather the supplementing of the longitudinal- and cross sections are reduced almost completely.

A grid with a selectable distance can be indicated and for all points the real coordinates can be edited for a better orientation.

The program allows the selection of the descriptive terrain levels, if there are diverse terrain models in the CAD-map. All terrain levels can be optionally incribed in the sections and these can be differently represented over diverse layer bookings. Diverse section-variants can be induced in a very short time. Additionally the printing of the sections in separate files is possible, which can be automatically converted in PDF-files (with map frames also). The models of the sections and profiles are freely configurable. Later working on already drawn profiles, like changing of scale or insertion of superelevation, is without any problems possible.

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VDGM, BB-VSCH

  • vermessung_schnitt_schnittverlauf

    location plan: course of the section

  • vermessung_schnitt_gelaendehorizont

    terrain level

  • vermessung_schnitt_raster

    profile with grid

  • vermessung_gelaendeschnitte

    profile with cutting elements