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Distance spaces

This module makes it possible to structure and edit distance spaces according to the german building regulations law in order to keep overground physical structures clear. With different gable types you can simulate the distance spaces, which must be adhered in each case and to check every option consequently towards the adherence of the minimum distance.

Further features:

  • a clear legend for the distance spaces can be released
  • distance depths can be calculated for different gable types by reference to formulas
  • an output of a report for the distance spaces depths is possible in HTML- or LibreOfficeWriter
  • previews in the dialog illustrate you the view onto the ground-floor plan and your distance spaces
  • gable ends and eaves sides are marked in the dialog
  • before publishing you can finalize your plan of distance spaces via editing of the line-, hatch pattern- and colour types and create in this way an informative plan

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VPLV

  • Abstandsflächen

    distance spaces

  • Abstandsflächen

    calculation of distance spaces

  • Abstandsflächen

    distance spaces with legend

  • Abstandsflächen

    edit distance spaces