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Gladly we have the opportunity to offer you the possibility to finance our product offerings via a leasing partner. We could respond to your individual wishes with flexible durations of leasing and we could facilitate you the investment decision. The distribution of the licence fee over the whole period of use make the payment of the monthly rates from the ongoing income possible ("Pay as you earn").

Further arguments for leasing are:

  • Leasing means for you to transact an investment without capital expenditure and with protection of the liquidity.
  • Equity capital, lines and banking securities remain unaffected.
  • You are independent from the increase of interests by the use of constant, fixed leasing payments. You have an obvious basis for planning and costs, e.g. for in-house calculations or budgets.
  • The leasing-contract period corresponds to the length of use of the investment (as a rule). The leasing rates can be paid from the ongoing income based on the parallel process of leasing-costs and the benefit from the use of the object.
  • Leasing-payments are fully tax-deductible as operating expenses.
  • No trade taxes accumulate by the lessee for the leasing objects.
  • Leasing is off-balance. Therefore investements by leasing don't direct to a pejoration of the accounting policy. Possible problems, depending on depreciation, do not apply.
  • It is possible to react with new purchases immediately flexible to changed conditions of the market. You don't have to wait until reserves from profits allow for an investment.
  • 'Leasing on time' stand in contrast with 'Purchase in perpetuity'. This effectuate a reasonable reconsideration of the technical and economic topicality of the business assets.