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Base module

The base module is the basis for all other modules of the BBSoft® civil engineering software. It takes over the complete project control (measuring data, drawings and texts) and arranges a smooth teamwork of the different program parts.

Further features:

  • processing of surveying data
  • output of point/pegging lists
  • block manager for administration of civil engineering-compliant symbols
  • clear layer manager
  • creation of cadastre plans
  • Shape-import
  • editing of drawings with switchable map scales, line types, hatch patterns and automatic inscriptions
  • measuring point transformation
  • BBSoft® adopts necessary measuring point conversions and the following mapping from 2D- or 3D-points
  • automatic area division and calculation
  • output of coordinate lists of line objects
  • import and editing of terrain data is made possible via the field book interface
  • administration and editing of measuring points

required modules: BB-VGR

  • Basismodul

    base module: Dimension

  • Basismodul

    base module: embankment hatch pattern

  • Basismodul

    base module: map frame

  • Basismodul

    base module: Layouts