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Quantity survey

BBSoft® provides you different possibilities for the calculation and analysis of route data.

Mass calculation (according to Elling)

  • single traces or materials can be excluded from the calculation: a calculation in sections is possible
  • output of data types DA66, DA54, DA53, DA51
  • display control profiles in the CAD
  • creation of a HEC-RAS-file for river engineering
  • an output of the calculation formulas (station by station), of masses per lane and layer and of the total masses is possible

Mass calculation (solids)

  • creation of 3D-solids for every material individually (with output of masses)
  • a calculation in sections is possible
  • this calculation should be used only for the purpose of plausibility check


  • DTM-creation under consideration of vertical alignment, slope and width change
  • display embankment edges as 3D-polylines in the location plan
  • automatic display of embankment arrows, hatch patterns and inclination units
  • colouring of filling/cutting areas according to RE
  • the new road area is merged automatically with the stock-DTM
  • manholes and reaches can be automatically included into the road terrain
  • stations will be set automatically during the shift of filling/cutting
  • contours of route can be calculated
  • single traces can be excluded from the calculation
  • treads (e.g. kerbstones) are intermeshed vertically with each other

Pavement design specification

  • output of pavement heights and pegging plans
  • a calculation in sections is possible
  • output of a formation level book and a formation level terrain model
  • grader-control: output of contour points with defined distance to alignment
  • securing of alignment: output of contour points with defined distance to alignment/border
  • consideration of highest/lowest points and change of inclination/widths/main element or tangents
  • user-defined specification of point number and coding (per border)
  • text positions of elevation level were maintained in the location plan
  • output of elevation level (absolute or as delta to alignment)/DTM-creation
  • simultaneous output of heights for stock and planning
  • symbol of elevation level individually adjustable
  • export of contour points as DA45, CSV, TXT
  • output of a "written longitudinal section"

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VSTR

  • Massenberechnungen

    control profiles (Elling)

  • Massenberechnungen

    protocol of quantity surveying (Elling)

  • Massenberechnungen

    3D-quantity surveying

  • Massenberechnungen

    pavement design specification