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Calculation of quantities

The module "calculation of quantities" can be treated as a graphical addition component to current AVA-programs, because these don't have a graphics connection and are more likely organized in list- or hierarchic structures. Additionally you can't directly import site measurings for the purpose of correction. The correction of lenghts, surfaces or number of objects has to occur manually outside of the tender program, which is a defective and complex task. The module "calculation of quantities" adopts this step: the software indicates the differences after the import/ the recording of the surfaces and of the measuring points in the CAD and after the import of the corresponding bill of quantities over REB DA81-DA86 and you transfer the real site measuring data per data interface DA11 automatically to the tender-program and to the accounting routine. If the units of the CAD-object (e.g. m²) don't match with the corresponding units in the bill of quantities (e.g. m³), the user immediately receives a warning and the color of the texts changes to red. Complementary a module for the sewer mass calculation is available according to ATV A 139 or rather EN 1610, which calculates the excavated mass of a sewer trench.

required modules: BB-VMABR

  • bauabrechnung_cad_01

    segmentation of an accounting surface into standard geometries

  • bauabrechnung_cad_02

    accounting plan with area statistics

  • bauabrechnung_cad_03

    asignment of bill of quantities to CAD-surfaces

  • bauabrechnung_cad_04

    export difference data