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cross section

The typical cross section of a road serves as an overview for the calculations and for the construction. It provides information about the kind of fixation of the road and about the thickness of the road pavement construction. In addition other installations, like the position of supply- and disposal lines, can be illustrated.

The cross-profile-editor is the central tool for the presentation and for the output of cross-profiles and of typical cross sections. The level of detailed information can be individually regulated. The output is automatically generated for the whole planning as well as for a selection. The program directly draws the profiles in the location plan and arranges these, depending on the adjustment. The user has the possibility to represent besides the terrain level, the road pavement construction with or without hatch patterns, in terms of color separated filling or excavated surfaces also constraining points, crossing conduits (like sewer, water and gas), the embankments and the defined thickness of the humus can be represented. The software additionally considers axes and their borders, which proceed along the planned location.

Traces, data of profiles, widths, slopes, height of borders and the height differences are listed in the editor, besides the preview of the selected station. The editing of single parameters occurs in a dialog, the program automatically calculates changes in the list and in the preview, already drawn profiles will update through a mouse-click. This tool is suited for the planning in the stock, through the different presentation- and change options. The user orients himself, along the stationing, through his pavement. Border lines can be placed on the terrain level or optionally on the height of constraining points. Adaptations to height- and inclination specifications are without any difficulty possible. The display of the longitudinal falling gradient in front of and after the current station considerably facilitates the planning.

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VSTR

  • strassenplanung_querprofileditor

    cross section 1

  • strassenplanung_querschnitt

    cross section 2

  • strassenplanung_regelquerschnitt_01

    typical cross section 1

  • strassenplanung_regelquerschnitt_02

    typical cross section 2