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Sewer mass calculation

The sewer mass calculation, based on DIN/ÖNORM EN 1610 and ATV A 139, is contained in the module "calculation of quantities". The calculation of the sewer trench can take place via a standard interface or directly out of the database. However the calculation is not bound to a database, but can also be operated alone as a module. A library, classified according to pipe diamters and material, enables the individual adaptation of the external diameter respectively wall thickness to the preferred pipe manufacturer. Furthermore different trench width can be predefined, if the editor want to deviate from the standard. Pipe bedding, embedment and trench width are calculated according to EN 1610, ATV A 139 or according to steady values. The trench widening can be calculated with or without pit lining, different support angles are possible. The working space for the manholes can be indicated explicitly. Further calculation parameters are available for the excavation depth. By the use without database, the presentation of the network can also take place without the CAD, with the result that always an overview about the currently calculated pipe sections exists.

Further features:

  • A detailed report is compiled, in which the calculated parameters (e.g the middle trench depth, surface, total area, excavation, frost protection, soil replacement and pipe extrusion) with the used formulas are registered for every reach respectively for every manhole clearly in one document. The output of the total masses takes place in the end of that accounting,
  • additionally for every manhole a manhole component list as well as a total list of all required manhole components is exported,
  • manhole cones, manhole rings and spacers, manhole bottoms and crampons are determined and
  • for the evidence a detailed legend with appropriate graphics is compiled, which explains the parameters.

required modules: BB-VMABR

  • Kanalmassenberechnung

    2D-wire frame model of a sewer trench

  • Kanalmassenberechnung3D-Kanalgraben,

    3D-sewer trench, lateral view

  • Kanalmassenberechnung3D-Kanalgraben,

    3D-sewer trench, view from above

  • Kanalmassenberechnung

    Legend, sewer mass calculation