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Land purchase

The land purchase/land acquisition is a function for displaying of plot areas or lots, which shall be bought or used momentarily. These partial or total areas are calculated and inscribed with used and unused areas. Further commands are implemented for the marking of buildings that shall be demolished. The presentation and the inscription are editable and are already integrated for customers in Switzerland and Germany.

The adjustment of these marking- and inscription elements is carried out in the user interface for map symbols and signatures.

Further features:

  • illustration of areas and building demolitions (based on RE)
  • "areas, which shall be purchased" will be considered
  • "parcels of land, which shall be considered" will be observed
  • including of "areas, which shall be used momentarily"
  • "areas, which shall be loaded" will be acquired
  • output of a land purchase index in tabular form
  • output of a surface statistic

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VKNT, BB-VPLV

  • Grunderwerb

    land purchase plan

  • Grunderwerb

    output statistics

  • Grunderwerb

    output legend of land purchase

  • Grunderwerb

    building demolition and legend