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Property cadastre

The Property Cadastre of BBSoft® serves communes and engineering offices for the administration of cadastral data, which they receive from the land surveying offices or from the administrations of surveying. It is a pure information system, which holds information about plots and their owners ready.

Further features:

  • the converted data can be directly imported as DXF™/DWG™ in the CAD or in a Oracle®-based database
  • technical data of buildings and parcels of land can be exported as a list or in terms of detailed overviews
  • the user can regulate the graphical configuration in the database (colouring of buildings and of agricultural areas)
  • continuance data can be imported and facilitate thereby the adoption of changes in the database.

In order to use the above mentioned functions for the cadastral data in BBSoft® primarily these have to be imported with our NAS-converter.

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-LGGR, BB-VNAS, BB-GEGR, BB-GFKAT

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