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Sewer visualization

Because of the rising project requirements to customers in the area of the 3D-presentation (usually connected to the BIM idea) there is now also the possibility in BBSoft® to visualize a sewer in 3D: at the push of a button the planning 2D-data can be transformed into visualized 3D-data and in combination with the road it is possible to map sewer- and raod data together. Manholes, reaches and conduits are represeneted as solids in the CAD.

Presentations convey a totally new insight into the planning and coming construction projects, via the contemplation of a digital 3D-model instead of a 2D-plan. As a consequence of that you make it possible for all stakeholders to participate actively at the planning process.

Further features:

  • Without any problems a clash detection of the conduits is possible in the 3D-model. So possible errors can be fixed BEFORE the laying of pipes and inconvenient postprocessing (accompanied by higher costs) can be avoided
  • A live section through a 3D-manhole-solid can be performed, which offers the possibility to analyze the single layers of the solid once again
  • Calculation of 3D-volumes
  • Possibility of transfer to other visualization programs (e.g.Autodesk InfraWorks® 360).

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-LGGR, BB-LKAN

  • kanal-und-wassernetze_kanalvisualisierung_01

    Sewer net (3D-solid)

  • kanal-und-wassernetze_kanalvisualisierung_02

    3D-manholes and 3D-road

  • kanal-und-wassernetze_kanalvisualisierung_03

    Live section manhole

  • kanal-und-wassernetze_kanalvisualisierung_04

    simple clash detection