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Sewer visualization

Because of the rising project requirements to customers in the area of the 3D-presentation (usually connected to the BIM idea) there is now also the possibility in BBSoft® to visualize a sewer in 3D: at the push of a button the planning 2D-data can be transformed into visualized 3D-data and in combination with the road it is possible to map sewer- and raod data together.

Presentations convey a totally new insight into the planning and coming construction projects, via the inspection of a digital 3D-model instead of a 2D-plan. As a consequence of that you make it possible for all stakeholders to participate actively at the planning process.

Further features:

  • it is possible to illustrate manholes, reaches, conduits and road gullies as 3D-solids in the CAD
  • manholes can be illustrated as one piece or multipiece 3D-solid
  • reach inflections, arcs and different profile types (e.g. round-, quadratic-, rectangle-, taper- and trapezoidal profile) are considered for the representation in 3D
  • in the 3D-model a clash validation of conduits is easily realizable. Possible errors will be highlighted graphically and can be fixed BEFORE the laying of pipes and inconvenient postprocessing (accompanied by higher costs) can be avoided
  • the input of a "buffer" makes it possible, that not only crossing conduits were localized, but also conduits which lie too close to each other, e.g. gas and water
  • for a realistic illustration a material allocation (concrete, iron or PVC) for 3D-solids is possible in the location plan
  • a live section through a 3D-manhole-solid can be performed, which offers the possibility to analyze the single layers of the solid once again
  • calculation of 3D-volumes
  • possibility of transfer to other visualization programs (e.g.Autodesk InfraWorks® 360)

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-LGGR, BB-LKAN

  • Kanalvisualisierung

    sewer net (3D-solid)

  • Kanalvisualisierung

    3D-manholes and 3D-road

  • Kanalvisualisierung

    live section manhole

  • Kanalvisualisierung

    simple clash detection