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Intersection planning

Intersection planning complements the extensive road planning program towards a complete, user-related and graphical road planning tool. In doing so the planning process considers the country-specific norms (RAS-K, RASt06, VSS and ÖNorm). For the user a large number of construction elements and calculations are available, which are necessary for the planning of intersections and roundabouts. Based on already constructed routes, within the range of junctions the required elements like turning circles, turning lanes, jughandles, traffic islands and restricted zones can be applied menu-guided. Especially for roundabouts road dividers and accesses and exits are additionally implemented according to BMV ARS and VSS. All parameters, like distances, radii and lenghts, are edited and adapted in the dialog. The program automatically calculates changes in the planning and updates the construction in the location plan. The software takes over automatically existing parameters, like slopes and trace constructions, if intersection elements are calculated at an already intended location. Of course all commands in the road planning, like the editing of cross-profiles, of stationings or of the contour map, can be still disposed after the intersection planning.

Accesses and exits can be discretely located in the connection ranges. Thereby the vertical alignment is automatically determined. Therefor the height information of the existing borders is adopted and interpolated. The user places high- and lowpoints in the contour map in an interactive way.

The assimilation of different border heights between the single traces represents a great challenge in the planning. Per selection of the borders in the location plan the program automatically places at the intersection of the lines points of connection and takes over the selected heights. Axes and the associated borders have to be shifted through the changes in the presettings. This causes that connection points and heights are incompatible with one another and therefore complex reworking is the consequence. With only one click the software moves these points and heights and updates the elements in the location plan. New height information has consequences on the slopes of the traces and on the course of the vertical alignment. These are automatically new calculated by the program and the sections have to be updated just once.

Intersections have to be recognizable at an early stage on grounds of the traffic safety. With selection of the speed the program calculates fields of view and hatches the surfaces which should be left blank. Fields of view for passenger cars, pedestrians and bicycle riders are considered. Additionally bus- and turning bays are integrated in the intersection planning according to RASt06. These can be allocated to the already constructed borders.

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VSTR, BB-VKNT

  • strassenplanung_knotenplanung_01

    turning lane and restricted zone

  • strassenplanung_knotenplanung_02

    jughandle and traffic island

  • strassenplanung_knotenplanung_03

    roundabout with 3 accesses and road deviders

  • strassenplanung_knotenplanung_04

    sight distance

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