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Route editor

All information of the alignment, of the vertical alignment, of traces with their width, of slopes, of pavement constructions and of the embankment are centrally managed in one dialog. Each element can be separately looked at and worked on. Changes are automatically saved and during the redrawing of the route updated in the location plan. Overall the software manages up to 30 traces per alignment in parallel. A belated incorporation of traces in an existing planning is just as possible as the simple adoption of plotted border lines out of external data, like house facedes, which can be assigned per mouse click to a border. Widenings, like bus bays and other transformations of the route, can be inserted without any difficulty. Additionally the program manages the typical cross sections of the German, Austrian and the Swiss route design guidelines. The complex definition of single traces is therefore omitted. Thereby the trace names are geared to the guidelines.

In addition the route-editor provides the basis for the calculation of the sight distance and the stopping sight distance. The editor defines the parameter for the subsoil drainage of the road and calculates on the basis of the RASt06, the RAL 2008, the RAA 2008 and the VSS-norm (SN 640 105b) the road widening in bends. The road-editor saves the whole presentation of the route, like the inscriptions of the slopes, of the width of the traces, of the maximum-and minimum points of the route as well as of the intersections of tangents, in a separate dialog. An individual type of hatch pattern and a color value can be allocated to every trace. All adjustements are considered for the calculation and presentation of the cross profiles, the pavement design specification and for the quantity survey.

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VSTR