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Broadband cadastre

With the module multimedia-broadband-nets of BBSoft® you can plan, maintain, illustrate and evaluate punctate (nodes), linear (conduits/pipes) and extensive objects (area). This broadband-cadastre facilitates the SHAPE-export as support for requests for broadband subsidies, at the moment version 1.1. The whole structure of this geo-element is based on "GIS-Nebenbestimmungen (GIS-NBest BW)", at the moment version 1.1 from 02.10.2019. General information can be recorded in the GIS-database to nodes (e.g. construction types, usage), lines, conduit types, conduit diameter and areas (including network areas, usable areas). Specific advice to the construction/acceptance date or to regular appointments of the broadband net can be managed. Subsequent editing of data and of captured or planned network areas is unproblematically possible.

Further features:

  • output of adjustable lists with numbers, lengths, construction type
  • SHAPE-export: based on "GIS-Nebenbestimmungen"
  • a visually appealing display in the location plan with symbols for e.g. consoles, fibre optic couplers
  • different conduit types can be displayed and inscribed very well
  • the creation of own symbols and namings is easily possible
  • technical data of broadband-objects can be displayed as list or in terms of detailed overviews with picture
  • a consistent data management is constituted by GIS

This new module is expected to be available from 07/2022 on!


  • gis_breitbandkataster_01

    scale depending display in CAD

  • gis_breitbandkataster_02

    easy definition of multimedia elements

  • gis_breitbandkataster_03

    clear handling of existing data

  • gis_breitbandkataster_04

    multimedia cable longitudinal section