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Drilling logs

BBSoft® makes the graphical presentation of soil layers/or drill tests possible, which were recorded protocolar in a layer register, e.g. via core drilling.

Further features:

  • an output of the drilling log-soil layers as 3D-solid is possible
  • a layer register can be displayed in the location plan
  • essential material types/substances are predefined and will be delivered
  • soil layers of a drilling log can be transferred to a new drilling log object
  • ground conditions can be displayed graphically in the profile in the location plan

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VMAS

  • Bohrprofile

    profile of soil layers

  • Bohrprofile

    drilling log as 3D-solid

  • Bohrprofile

    material selection for soil layers

  • Bohrprofile

    editing of drilling log