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Digital Terrain Model

The digital terrain model (DTM) represents parts of the earth's surface simplified as a geometrical model.

The DTM is composed from the digital height model (DHM) and the digital situation model (DSM). The digital height model contains 3D-coordinates, which represent the height structures of objects or of the terrain. The digital situation model illustrates information about the terrain structure, like embankment edges and skeleton lines. Accordingly the DTM contains all information about the ground level.

The structure of the terrain model is based upon triangles. With the help of triangles the single height points of the digital height model are meshed together. The triangular transformation considers additionally the morphological information of the situation model, by using breaking edges as the side of a triangle.

The DTM is on the one hand used for the presentation of ground levels and layers of earth and on the other hand it is used for the planning of rainwater retention basins, pits, spoil banks, water reservoirs and dumps.

Our civil engineering software BBSoft® makes the following functions possible:

  • import of area data, points and breaking edges
  • creation of a 3D-terrain model out of points and/or breaking edges
  • orders for the construction of pits and dams
  • intersection of digital terrain models
  • embankment calculations with berm functions
  • analysis functions for the presentation of contours, contour levels and of the falling gradient
  • automatic creation of terrain profiles with presentation as profile through all terrain levels
  • mass calculation according to the prism method

  • vermessung_dgm_01

    creation of DTM

  • vermessung_dgm_02

    embankment calculation

  • vermessung_dgm_03

    DTM analysis functions

  • vermessung_dgm_04

    calculation of DTM-surface