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Cross-profile accounting

The automatic acquisition of cross-profiles with integrated accounting according to Elling or ÖNORM is a further feature of the calculation of quantities module of BBSoft®. In this way it is possible to reconstruct quickly an accounting from only in the CAD graphically existent cross-profiles.

Further features:

  • after the definition of a conversion table drawn cross-profiles can be recorded by the compiler
  • an exact aquisition of single profiles is easily possible
  • automatic conversion of all surfaces
  • creation of contour points and their single levels
  • generation of a map frame in DIN A4/DIN A3
  • inscription of profiles with all necessary lists (e.g. surface list with square meter specifications, contour point list with coordinates and numbers plus project names and data of the compiler
  • after acquisition all levels and cross-profile components will be listed organized in one editor
  • assignment of one position in the bill of quantities via Drag'n'Drop
  • diverse filter functions available for ordering of levels
  • accountings occur via reports
  • comparison of units and check routines: different units between bill of quantities and recorded CAD-objects will be recognized
  • automatic plot function, which sends all profiles to a favored plotter
  • profiles can be saved and sent individually as a PDF too
  • an export of difference data in REB DA11 plus ÖNORM B2114 and B2114 XML is possible

required modules: BB-VMABR

  • Querprofilabrechnung

    cross-profile accounting

  • Querprofilabrechnung

    contour points

  • Querprofilabrechnung


  • Querprofilabrechnung