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Sewer stock

The sewer application module of BBSoft® facilitates the comfortable acquisition and administration of sewer data: e.g. it is possible to compile a descriptive and structured sewer system out of basic surveying data, which can be saved and further edited in our database.

Special features:

  • reaches, conduits, manholes, house connections, road gullies, covers, catchments, inspections and redevelopment arrangements can be recorded in our database, filled with technical data
  • a huge number of predefined filter possibilities (e.g. show all reaches with condition class 5) exists
  • design plans flexible through freely configurable texts, colours, line styles and hatch patterns
  • extensive code catalogues (profile types, materials etc.), according to DWA/ISYBAU, are included in delivery
  • the presentation of the conduits (and of all other objects) takes place in the BBSoft®-Viewer or in the CAD
  • an output of manhole and reach details is possible

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-LGGR, BB-LKAN

  • Kanalbestand

    technical detail of manhole

  • Kanalbestand


  • Kanalbestand

    reach detail

  • Kanalbestand

    manhole detail