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DTM, compile and manage

With BBSoft® it is possible to maintain and to edit digital terrain models dependably. The editing and the processing of very big amounts of data is possible too.

Further features:

  • subsequent insertion and deletion of points in the DTM
  • commands for the construction of pits and dams
  • intersection of digital terrain models
  • heights of corner points of 3D-surfaces can be changed absolutely or towards a height difference
  • exempt DTM inside/outside boundary edge
  • imported terrain models can be analyzed precisely with a plausibility check
  • plausibility check for created DTMs: inspection upon gaps, shifted/overlapping 3D-surfaces plus side contacts
  • integration of a plausibility check for breaklines (e.g. with double interpolation points)
  • the ground level in the 3D-model can be inquired at each position
  • import of DA58/45/30- or LandXML-files exists
  • export of DA58/45/49- or LandXML-files is possible
  • a cutting line between a DTM and a 3D-solid can be generated
  • existing DTMs composed of 3D-surfaces can be exported as 3D-solid

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VDGM

  • DGM,

    DTM: project Saale

  • DGM,

    DTM: breaking edge

  • DGM,

    DTM: flow arrows

  • DGM,

    DTM: profile