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In addition to the planning modules, BBSoft® provides functions for fast and comfortable creation of parametrizable 3D-buildings, walls and fences. These represent an ideal supplement for road planning: streets can be visualized without any great effort.

Further features:

  • twelve predefined building- and six wall- respectively fence prototypes are available for plan design (these are scalable individually in width and hatch pattern)
  • lots of creative leeway is possible via diverse selection possibilities (hip-, flat- or gable roof, roof overhang, -pitch and -color, number of floors, window type, -height and -width)
  • roofs and exterior walls of buildings can be coated with a texture (material)
  • possibility to project buildings directly upon an existing DTM
  • buildings can be displayed as solid
  • a direct storing at the CAD-object of usage, street and house number connects in turn to the ALKIS
  • all objects will be compiled out of CAD 3D-surfaces and form therefore an excellent initial point for the transfer to visualization programs

3D-buildings out of property cadastre
As fast 1-click solution serves the creation of standard buildings directly out of the building groundplan into the database. All buildings with standard values are converted with a unique image build-up. This process is very easy and makes a certain overview available. As part of the incorporation of building parameters into ALKIS (by the land surveying offices) it is planned in the midterm, to import these data to the database and to recreate the buildings realistically by means of their characteristics, like number of floors or ridge height. The cost-intensive and complex installation of additional software for the creation of a 3D-city model for planning purposes is consequently omitted.

erforderliche Module: BB-VGR, BB-VPLV

  • 3D-Gebäude


  • 3D-Gebäude

    3D-buildings: school building

  • 3D-Gebäude

    walls, hedges and fences

  • 3D-Gebäude

    building out of property cadastre