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Mass calculation between boundary lines

With the mass calculation between boundary lines according to DA66 BBSoft® makes a new tool available, in order to determine quickley and easily out of cross-profiles in the form of a REB DA66-file the quantities of a vertical alignment according to the procedural rules REB-VB_21.013.

Further features:

  • after the import of the file all optical horizons are displayed as boundary lines in color
  • all boundary lines are displayed station by station in a list with their names and their code numbers
  • the positions can be defined out of the names and code numbers
  • the software can realize independently filling and cutting areas and print these areas into a protocol
  • furthermore it is possible, to print all polygon points with their x- and y-coordinates in one list

required modules: BB-VMABR

  • Begrenzungslinien

    cross-profile presentation after DA66-import

  • Begrenzungslinien

    define layers and assign positions

  • Begrenzungslinien

    polygon process of single layer

  • Begrenzungslinien

    output of reports