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Given that the structure and the traffic safety could be at risk, the surface drainage takes a high priority in the road planning. The calculation and the analysis of the catchment areas look about the german (and based on the European standards) RAS-EW. For the cost estimation of the drainage areas the vertical alignment and the traces with their particular slope are considered. All drainage low points are listed in a clearly arranged dialog.

The program calculates, based upon the determined drainage areas and a predefined absorbing power, the number of road gullies and deposits them automatically in the location plan. Subareas are added together and are involved in the calculation. Belated adding, shifting and cancelling of road gullies is at all times possible. The software hachures all drainage areas for the graphical rework. It is possible for the user to fade in flow arrows for visual control. Subsequently the road gullies can be connected with an existing sewer system.

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VSTR

  • strassenplanung_entwaesserung_01

    list of road gullies

  • strassenplanung_entwaesserung_02

    road gully editor

  • strassenplanung_entwaesserung_03

    road gullies at an existing reach

  • strassenplanung_entwaesserung_04

    flow arrows for visual control