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After the IT Planning Committee decided 2017 that XPlanung should be used mandatory for the exchange of spatial plans in the construction- and planning sector, BBSoft® provides the XPlanung interface in the release 5.2 for the import of land development plans (according to BauGB and BauNVO). Consequently you are positioned ideally with BBSoft® because until 2024 all cities in Germany must support the data standard XPlanGML (in the case of urban planning). The data format XPlanGML is available for you, which enables an easily and lossless data exchange in a standardized and manufacturer independent data format.

Further features:

  • the object type catalogue XPlanung 5.2 is supported by BBSoft®
  • editing and specification of XPlanung objects is easily possible
  • an output of a legend and/or statistic directly in the CAD or as HTML-file
  • export of some selected XPlanung objects in a XPlanGML-file
  • the implementation of the INSPIRE-requirements will be fulfilled by XPlanGML (common european geo data infrastructure)
  • between all parties involved in construction an accurate exchange of planning documents is possible via the standardized XPlanGML-data exchange format

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VPLV

  • XPlanung

    presentation of gml-import

  • XPlanung

    editing of XPlanung-map symbols

  • XPlanung

    output statistics

  • XPlanung

    output legend XPlanung