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Accounting of CAD objects

A quick acquisition of surfaces, lines and punctate objects off the CAD, the transformation in accounting objects/material allocations and their connection to the bill of quantities with automatic quantity control are only a few options, which are available for you for the accounting of CAD-objects in the the calculation of quantities module of BBSoft®.

Further features:

  • import interface GAEB DA81-86 is available
  • the adjustment with the employer takes place as difference data file REB DA11
  • you can select calculated CAD-elements with the help of different filter functions (e.g. after surfaces, polylines, points and layers) and convert them into accounting objects in one operation
  • all objects, classified according to type or unit, as well as the bill of quantities with the positions appear in a clear editor
  • assignment of positions in the construction work editor via Drag'n'Drop
  • processed CAD-elements will be marked in color after the assignment, similarly the positions, which already have an assigned CAD-element
  • the clarity will be increased by coloured markings and errors can be avoided
  • a basic library of signatures or rather accounting types will be supplied for a high-quality plan design of accounting plans
  • entries from the basic library can be copied as samples: so you can create an own extensive library of signatures
  • important display parameters will be considered (e.g. automatic inscription of name, of 2D/3D-surfaces, of 2D/3D-lenghts and of segment dimensioning)
  • the calculation and inscription of the barycentres and the coordinates (with or without z-component) and their distances will be recorded too
  • measured surfaces receive a surface name and are automatically incremented
  • accounting objects become "smart" elements, which can be individually changed at all times with the element commands of BBSoft® (e.g. assign to another accounting type or change the name)

required modules: BB-VMABR

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