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Soil management

With the help of a calculation of separate soil layers, BBSoft® supports you to record, how much mass of soil (with different classification values) will accumulate on your construction site and which amount of volumina can be directly used once more at the construction site. On this way it is possible, that you increase you installation potential, because an expensive intermediate storage or a disposal can be avoided.

Further features:

  • presentation of excavations as 3D-solids is possible
  • optional creation of terrain section in the location plan
  • output of legend and statistics at free selectable position
  • notation of volumina and classification values in the location plan (tabularized)
  • output of backfilling calculation is possible
  • you can print a summary, which contains all volumina of excavation and backfilling
  • soil layers of a calculation can be transferred to a new soil management object
  • consideration of the Swiss waste category (according to VVEA (regulation via avoidance and disposal of wastes))

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VMAS

  • Bodenmanagement

    soil layers & classification values

  • Bodenmanagement

    3D-solids soil layers

  • Bodenmanagement

    excavation calculation output

  • Bodenmanagement

    soil management summary