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Longitudinal section

By starting this command beginning- and end height of the vertical alignment are automatically determined. The program generates the information from the terrain model. Are no 3D-surfaces available, the height information can be inserted via dialog. Longitudinal gradients and heights of the tangents are editable in the list view. Beyond that, the software permits an interactive editing in the plotted section. New tangent points can be induced and modified by mouse-click. The program automatically calculates the lenghts and inclinations of the tangents and updates these in the section. Summits and basins can be construed per dragging in the section and can be subsequently edited in the list. Radii as well as lenghts of the internal radii are editable. Alternatively it is possible to waive the internal radius of the vertical alignment. The civil engineering software offers the possibility, by definition of the gap, to automatically adjust the vertical alignment to the existing terrain. Especially for the redevelopment planning, calculations and additional constructions at the vertical alignment are omitted. Curves, ramps, slopes and longitudinal gradients, stopping- and overtaking sight distances can be illustrated as a diagram with annotations and inscriptions.

Extensive options, based on the RE, offer the possibility to fade in important information. Adjacent alignments, filling and cutting areas and crossing elements (e.g. gas-, water- or sewer conduits) can separately be selected and drawn. It is possible to liquidate parallel sewer- and water conduits in the contour map. Optionally the liquidation of the borders and of the embankments can be illustrated next to the vertical alignment. This application-related function is available for the editing of constraining heights in the section. The changes can be automatically updated and illustrated during the editing of the vertical alignment with the "Show"-function. This tool is also suitable for the water- and dam planning through the flexible application and the extensive adjustment- and presentation options. It is possible to represent building points or distinctive objects as symbols in correct position.

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VSTR

  • strassenplanung_hoehenplan_01

    annotation of a curve and a slope

  • strassenplanung_hoehenplan_02

    parallel conduits

  • strassenplanung_hoehenplan_03

    annotation of the sight distance

  • strassenplanung_hoehenplan_04

    crossing conduits